Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned

After Katrina ripped apart the Gulf Coast, many people across the country were bombarded with videos of people left homeless and without food.

Many volunteer organizations wanted to help Katrina victims, but found they weren't prepared to handle a disaster of that magnitude.

Local emergency response officials also had unforeseen difficulties in responding to Hurricane Katrina. Since the storm they have made extensive improvements to better serve the public when tragedy strikes.

Hurricane Katrina served as a real-life training tool for many agencies and pushed emergency workers and volunteers to their limits. Now those groups say they are more than ready to respond when disaster strikes.

One major problem during Katrina was that those left behind after the storm couldn't get in touch with family members around the country to let them know they were safe and made it through the storm. Now the Red Cross has program to connect survivors with families to alleviate that added stress.

To learn more about how you can help in a disaster or to learn about the safe and well program that connects victims with family members you can go to the red cross website at

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