Man Pleads Guilty to Fatal Stabbing

A Georgia man pleads guilty to manslaughter Monday in a Dothan courtroom.

27-year-old Jeremiah Elliot of Albany was originally charged with murder.

Monday, he admitted stabbing Patrick Flowers to death at a Dothan apartment in May of 2004.

Investigators say Flowers was apparently killed during an argument over his estranged wife.

Judge Lawson Little sentenced Elliot to 5-years in prison and 10-years probation.

"Anytime there's a plea in the DA's office, it's always our policy to talk to the police as well as the victim's family. And, after talking about the facts and what occurred they agreed to let the defendant plead guilty to manslaughter which means they actually got to watch him get handcuffed and taken to prison, so they're satisfied," said District Attorney Doug Valeska.

Elliot fled the scene after the killing; back to his home in Georgia.

But defense attorneys point out their client later returned willingly to Dothan and surrendered to police so he could face the charges against him.

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