Grandparents Stabbed

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A Fayette County judge has denied bond for two teen girls accused of stabbing to death one of the girls' grandparents.

Fayette County Superior Court Judge Paschal English agreed with prosecutors who argued Thursday that 15-year-old Holly Harvey and her 16-year-old lesbian lover, Sandy Ketchum, should stay in jail because they are a flight risk.

Authorities also added armed robbery to the murder charges against the girls.

Holly Harvey is accused of recruiting Ketchum to help kill Harvey's grandparents, Carl and Sarah Collier, in their home on August second.

Harvey lived with the couple. Police say the Colliers had ordered their granddaughter to stop seeing the girl and to stop using drugs.

The two girls were arrested the day after the killings at the home of two boys they had met on Tybee Island, about five hours away, on the Georgia coast.

The two are being held in separate juvenile detention centers.