Adolescent Obesity

Recent surveys show the number of children and adolescents who are overweight has doubled in the last two to three years; currently one child in five is overweight.

Summer break is over and Dothan High is back in session and right now students might be noticing a few changes around school in regards to vending machines.

School officials say they have great concern for the obesity problems they are facing and the only way to do it is just to bite the bullet and remove the vending machines. The vending machines inside the cafeteria were removed over the summer.

Although there are still vending machines outside the school, administrators say these are locked during lunch periods in hopes of urging students to think more about what they eat.

Dothan High Principle Dr. McCarty blames much of the adolescent obesity problem on the state of Alabama’s PE requirements. "They eliminated the requirements for the four years of physical education and now a student only has to take one year of physical education during their entire high school career."

School officials hope by encouraging healthier habits in school and at home, the obesity problem will lesson.

If you're concerned about your child's weight, you should talk to your family doctor. He can measure them and tell you if they are within a healthy range.