Northwest Florida Raid

A Northwest Florida sheriff says an arsenal of explosive devices was targeted to kill law enforcement.

Federal, state, and local authorities are at the scene of a large methamphetamine operation along the Bay/Washington County line.

The home was booby-trapped with an assortment of bombs.

The Tyndall Air Force Base Bomb Detonation Squad arrived at the home in Washington County's rural Greenhead Community. The house was reportedly being used as a crystal-meth factory. Federal agents say each room was rigged with explosives and trip-wires, in addition, there were escape doors and tunnels in the event of a "raid":

Initially, authorities arrested Greg Truett on a routine traffic stop. He allegedly had a large amount of meth in his possession. Shortly after, a search warrant was issued for the home.

Several neighbors said the 31-year-old suspect was quiet, and would wave to them going by. Still, others would hear explosions at all hours of the day and night.

When first stopped, Truett had an 18-month-old baby in his vehicle. Authorities say the child has been placed with the grandparents.

Sheriff Peel expects that Greg Truett will soon face a variety of federal drug and bomb making charges.