Houston County Jail Scandal

One day after the Dothan City Commission decided to investigate the police department, the Houston County Sheriff's Department has also come under fire.

Four corrections officers at the Houston County Jail have resigned in the wake of the scandal and more could be fired.

The case came to light in late June when a female inmate complained to her husband about inappropriate sexual advances by a worker at the jail. The husband in turn notified the sheriff's office and a six-week investigation was launched.

Sheriff Lamar Glover said most of the allegations involved sexual misconduct, but not all of the contact was physical.

In one case, for instance, the sheriff says a male corrections officer admitted watching female inmates take a shower.

In another case, a jailer admitted allowing cigarettes to be smuggled in to the jail for an inmate. Promoting prison contraband is a criminal offense.

Sheriff Glover says no charges will be filed in connection with the scandal, but his office is not taking the allegations lightly.

A new Alabama law that makes it a class C-felony for a corrections officer to have sexual contact with an inmate went into effect earlier this month.

If any of the more serious offenses at the Houston County Jail had been committed after that date, sheriff Glover says the suspects would have been prosecuted and could have faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

While four corrections officers involved in the scandal have resigned, four others have not. They have a disciplinary hearing scheduled Friday.