Effects of Terrorism on Children

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Sept. 11 is still having a psychological impact on kids nationwide.

A new poll released by Marist and Children's Health Fund finds that 69 percent of New York City parents who were surveyed, and more than 40 percent nationwide; say their kids continue showing psychological trauma. The signs include nightmares, anxiety, headaches and depression.

The survey also indicates that more than 40 percent of New York kids fear for their safety or of other family members.

The president of the Children's Health Fund says it would be normal for the attacks to have an immediate impact on the kids. But he says to have this many kids still feeling like they might be in danger a year later is something that needs to be dealt with.

The poll showed a majority of parents believe the attention surrounding the attacks' one-year anniversary will help their kids.

But a vast majority said seeing graphic images of the attacks would be harmful.