Dothan Police Investigation

Dothan City Commissioners have launched their own investigation into allegations of wrongdoing in the Dothan Police Department. The scope of the probe will be restricted and there's a time limit as well. But, that could change.

District 3 Commissioner Don Clements called for the investigation last week after a city personnel board probe indicated Police Chief John White had ordered credit histories and criminal background checks on some city officials.

The probe will also look at abuses of the city's paging system. Someone tapped into the system last week and sent out some unauthorized messages. District 5 Commissioner Pat Thomas wants the probe completed by August 31st.

Clements says the deadline can be extended if necessary and District 4 Commissioner Jason Rudd says the panel can vote to checkout other allegations as needed.

Interim City Manager Jerry Corbin will conduct the investigation. He can issue subpoenas and compel witnesses to testify, but he says he hopes that won't be necessary.

Failure to honor a subpoena can result in a fine and jail time.

The Dothan City Commission met in Executive Session for more than half an hour before voting unanimously to authorize the investigation.