Jackson County Drug Bust

21 month drug investigation in Jackson County ends with the arrest of dozens of people and the confiscation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money.

Sheriff’s deputies in Jackson County have been able to roundup 53 drug suspects, along with about $400,000 worth of crack cocaine.

This particular operation is being called one of the largest drug operations ever conducted by the Jackson County Drug Taskforce.

The group consists of sheriff's deputies and officials with several other local, states federal agencies.

The operation first started with the arrest of 20 people, who then helped authorities arrest others, and it is the size and scope of this drug ring that helped authorities track it down to other parts of Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Sheriff Hohn McDaniel says he often receives calls from people wondering why there is so much drug activity, and not much being done about it, but he says a lot is being done to crack down on the drug trade, it just has to be kept secret.

"Well I tell them yes, and we're working on it... we don't go back and tell them yes we got narcotics people working undercover up there, we just don't do that. We just have to go ahead and take the bashing that we get until we finish the program and hopefully have a success like this," said Sheriff McDaniel.

Sheriff McDaniel says there are still several other warrants that have to be served and he expects there to be other arrests made in the near future.

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