Online Tutor; Easy Access for Students

Parents and students have a new tool to help with homework. A new website offers free online tutors for students who need help in math, science and english.

Every school day, nearly 7000 American high school students become dropouts.

The state of Alabama wants to see the number of dropouts in this area decrease and has started a free tutoring program to turn those numbers around.

Houston-Live Memorial Library Director Bettye Forbus said, "So many kids need help outside the classroom and sometimes parents can't or are not at the level they need; so whether it’s a math problem or research paper there's a certified teacher waiting to help them."

When a student log's onto the website they are immediately connected to a certified teacher who gives immediate responses to student's questions. This program is the first chance for many students to get one on one academic attention.

Forbus added, "Not everyone can afford a personal tutor and this is paid for through the legislature and available to any Alabama student who needs help."

Local teachers are in support of the program.

Girad Elementary Teacher Jean Greiner said, "When they do online math they can get immediate feedback and that's good to know; what mistake he made and correct it for next time."

Students can log onto the website from home for homework help or can visit their local library for free access to the Internet.