Crops Still Suffering From Hot Temps

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Finally, rain is on the horizon and the Wiregrass saw plenty of showers and thunderstorms on Friday, but was it soon enough to salvage the crops?

Director of the Wiregrass Research Center Larry Wells says, "The crops are not lookin' well, it's gettin' late in the season. We only have a limited growing season. I don't know; the prospects right now are not very good. The cotton's really stressin', the peanuts are stressin', it's hard for the peanuts to pig down when the temperatures of the soil are exceeding 100 degrees and it's different for the cotton to hold its fruit when they don't have enough moisture and the temperatures are so high."

Many of the crops have had little relief from the heat wave we've experienced.

Due to the drought that has already been in place since the dry spring earlier this year, the plants have had little to work with.

"Unless we were to get a lot of rain sit in here for the next four to five weeks, which is probably unlikely, we're probably [going to] cut our potential in at least half," Wells said.

Farmers are hoping for less heat and more rain for the rest of the summer, but time is quickly running out and the time to harvest is approaching.

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