Heat Wave Over?

We saw many puddles lying around Thursday morning because of the morning shower, and for some people, it was a welcome sight.

Sandi White, a Dothan resident, said, "It's not as hot as it has been earlier in the week and I think we really needed the rain."

We woke up to the sound of thunder all around Houston County early Thursday morning and we haven't had a morning thunderstorm since the beginning of the summer.

Thanks to the rain, our morning low dropped seven degrees in an hour to about 73, and because of the cloud cover, the high stayed in the 80's.

So, does this mean that we're finally seeing the end of the heat wave?

Chief Meteorologist Oscar Fann said, "You really can't count the heat out until you get past September; however, the one silver lining to a heat wave in September usually means lower humidity. So we shouldn't be as oppressive if we get into another heat wave, but if anything we've learned from this summer, don't count the heat out just yet, at least until we get into the fall season."

This past heat wave has finally been doused with rain, but it's still possible to see another before this hot summer is over.

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