Suspected Drug House Busted

Dothan Police bust a home they say was a center criminal activity and arrest its owner who is rushing to clean the place up before city officials move in to demolish it.

Authorities in Dothan say a house on East Newton Street has been a popular spot for quite a bit of drug activity.

Tuesday night, police moved in and cleaned the house out and trying to put a dent on the drug trade in the area.

City officials may be looking at demolishing the house.

During Tuesday night's raid police and fire officials found a number of eficiens at the house.

Since 2004, police have logged over 200 calls and complaints about the house from area residents.

During that time there have been 29 arrests made at the house, including one of a suspect in a murder case.

Authorities say this house has definitely become the center of the criminal element in this area.

No timeframe has been given for if and when the house may be demolished.

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