Rehobeth Volunteer Fire Department's New Facilities

The Rehobeth Volunteer Fire Department has been serving residents for almost three decades.

During that time, no upgrades have been made to their facility.

Then, in 2005 the need to build a new fire station became pressing.

Rehobeth Volunteer Fire Department Chief Larry Strickland said, "We've worked on this building for two years. The other one was tore up pretty bad when the tornado came though; we had to patch it up enough until we could get this."

The new facility sits on a one and a half acre plot of land and is able to house two ambulances and three fire trucks. It will act as the primary fire station and is built to weather a storm.

Captain John Parrish of the Rehobeth Volunteer Fire Department said, "This facility will keep members safe in a storm; it’s built with reinforced concrete."

Construction of the new station will cost $515,000 dollars, but fire officials say the benefits of having the additional space are worth every penny.

"It's going to impact our fire/rescue; before, we had a very small one with no place to train," Parrish said.

In the future, the new station may become a shelter for when severe weather strikes, but as of right now, it is certified to house emergency officials and firefighters in times of disaster.

If you are an upstanding citizen and are interested in becoming a Rehobeth volunteer firefighter, you can contact the station at 702-8832 and leave a message.

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