Hartford Man Kills Self During Traffic Stop

A Hartford man shot himself after police say he requested floor plans to a building where his love interest worked.

It happened at 9:11 Wednesday morning, right off of Main Street in Hartford.

Police say they'd been on the lookout for a man who wanted floor plans to the Town Rescue Building, but when they found him, he took his own life.

"I can't believe it happened in Hartford. You hear about stuff like that maybe in Dothan or somewhere in Atlanta. But never in a small town like Hartford," says Hartford Resident Johnathan Smith.

That seems to be the response from Hartford residents we spoke with who say they just can't believe a routine traffic stop turned deadly.

"I was very shocked. This is a small town. A quiet community,” continued Smith.

Hartford Police got word Tuesday a man requested floor plans to the Hartford Rescue Building.

That man has been identified as 40-year-old Hartford Resident Stephen Tindell.

"What we've learned is there was an ex-girlfriend or some type of relationship that works at the rescue building," said Police Chief Nick Finer.

An alert was put out and Wednesday morning, Hartford Police Officer Kip Snell spotted Tindell then pulled him over.

"The subject got out of the vehicle and approached Officer Snell,” says Chief Finer. “Officer Snell advised the subject to step back towards his vehicle, the subject then went back in his vehicle, closed the door then took his own life."

But police say they aren't saying where Tindall was heading, or what his motive was.

"We don't know what the intentions were. You know it's a shame when someone feels that was their only option," concludes Finer.

Tindell took his life with a shotgun that was in his car.

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate.

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