Niceville Mother Charged with Beating Pregnant Daughter

NICEVILLE, Fla. (AP) - An Okaloosa County mother faces aggravated battery charges for beating her pregnant daughter.

Cheryl Webb is charged with domestic aggravated battery. Niceville police say she kneed her pregnant daughter in the stomach shortly before the younger woman's fetus was determined to be dead.

Police also say Webb could not be charged in the death because the 9-week-old fetus had not reached the 25-week-old threshold required. Doctors have not determined whether the child died because of the mother's stomach being kneed.

Webb has since been released from jail.

A police report says the altercation began when the daughter called Webb home because a sink overflowed. The daughter's two children then ran outside and broke a lamp. About the same time, Webb received a phone call from her estranged husband.

The report says the events caused Webb to become enraged and she pushed her daughter into a wall and kneed her.

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