Dothan Airport Could See Additional Air Carriers

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The Dothan Regional Airport has had problems with bad service and high prices from Delta over recent months.

Airport officials are looking to bring another air carrier to the Circle City.

Delayed flights and high fares have caused the number of people flying out of the Dothan Regional Airport to go down this year.

That’s why the Air Service Task Force is exploring other options.

The task force is talking with American, Northwest, and Continental Airlines as possible additional carriers out of Dothan, and they're looking at other hubs besides Atlanta.

However, another airline in Dothan might still be a few years down the road.

Delta ASA prices average several hundred dollars more a ticket than flying out of Montgomery, Atlanta, Tallahassee and Fort Walton.

Whenever Dothan Airport officials complain about the high prices, Delta tells them it's because there are no other airlines competing with them here. And, even with the high prices, people are still flying and Delta's still making money.

Airport officials are working hard to bring Dothan prices in line with other airports in the southeast while they continue to try and sell the city to other carriers.

This is the second year in a row that Dothan Airport officials have looked into bringing another air carrier to Dothan.

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