Malnourished Horses Recovering

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Seven malnourished horses from Dale County are recovering at a local animal hospital as their owner prepares to be arrested.

On Tuesday, officials with the dale county DA's office and sheriff's office along with veterinarians seized the horses from a pasture of land in Newton. According to investigators, their owner, Michael Kovach admitted to only feeding them once a week while he worked in Georgia, leaving them to barely survive.

"Animals are helpless and they can only survive on what's given to them... as you an tell in this property there is little food, no water and 100 degree temperatures... it's sad for these animals," said Dale County District Attorney, Kirke Adams.

The horses will be treated until they are healthy enough to be put up for adoption. In the meantime, authorities say Kovach is expected to turn himself in today, and that he will face seven counts of animal cruelty, which could mean some jail time.

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