Come On In, The Water is Fine

Waterworld managers say that over 1200 people came to park last Saturday looking to cool off. They expect up to 1300 people to come next Saturday.

Because school has started back up, Waterworld is only open on weekends, though it doesn't seem to have discouraged many people from coming out to the park.

Twelve hundred: park managers’ say that's about the number of people who came to Waterworld last Saturday looking to cool off.

Robert Talliaferro, the Waterworld assistant manager said, "We've been averaging crowds on Saturday anywhere from 1000 to 1300 people, which usually this time of year, school started back so crowds aren't that big. But due to the high temperatures, we've been getting big crowds on the weekends in August."

And, high temperatures have not only affected the crowds of people who come to Waterworld each weekend, but also those who work there.

Park managers are well aware of the impacts that the heat can have on their workers and have taken certain precautions to make sure that it doesn't endanger them.

Waterworld Manager Robin Patrick says, "We're very careful to encourage our workers to wear sunscreen and we provide water in the lounge. They have a break every hour and a half for 30 minutes and on these days that we have severe weather, we also provide Gatorade to them."

If nothing else, the heat has people looking to find ways to cool off, and Waterworld is happy to be there for them.

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