Downtown Dothan Business Seeks Noise Solution

Foster Street looks peaceful and serene, but one business owner says Friday and Saturday night's are a different story.

"The noise from the cars on the street of course. Kids with the stereos that are really, really loud and not to the point of just being a nuisance, but where you are at a traffic light and you can just feel the vibrations and it's just a nuisance and you can feel that in your car. We deal with that every night. Not just for a few seconds, or a couple of minutes, but it's for hours. It literally rattles the entire building," says Foster Street Coffee House Owner Tara Wilson.

She says she opened her business in downtown to add to area beautification.

Recently however, she says the problems with the rowdy crowds have gotten out of control. "The weekend before last, before 11:00 that night, there were several fights that broke out right in front of our place. And not just one or two small groups, but multiple groups,” she continued. “It was 10 or more people at a time and it was very scary."

There is a noise ordinance, which Dothan Police Chief John Powell says his officers continually enforce. "We get a lot of positive comments from citizens on patrol visibility,” he says. “The officers can make one-on-one contact and overall, I think the patrol officers are doing a great job."

But as for Wilson, she says the police patrol should be tightened. "Just when things get better police are not down here as much and they are also pulled away by other clubs," concludes Wilson, frustrated.

Wilson plans to go before the city commission with her concerns in two weeks.

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