Grants Help Fund Some County School Programs

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One hundred thousand dollars in community service grants were recently allocated to Houston County Schools. The money will help the schools with a number of improvement projects.

It may be quiet outside Rehobeth High School, but it's humming inside as students and teachers are excited.

They are looking forward to a portable computer lab they will be getting as a result of $14,000 dollars they received from a community service grant.

Enrollment at the school is at 700 students this year and a new lab is a welcomed addition.

Rehobeth High School Principal Matt Swan said, “This lab will have the capabilities of being moved from room to room and will have approximately 20 laptop computers with portable stands and wireless connection.”

Principal Johnny Dickson of Rehobeth Middle School says the $4500 dollars they received will go toward much needed computer equipment as well. “The computer lab teacher is excited. That's the one thing we are behind in; it's hard to keep up.”

Rehobeth Elementary School received $4500 dollars from the grant as well.

Cottonwood High School received $20,000 dollars for the construction of a baseball field and stadium.