Alfred Saliba Family Services Center Faces Financial Problems

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The future of the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center is unclear after state officials announced that funding for the center will be decreased by 29 percent. That cut in funds will make it difficult for the center to offer many of the services it does now.

The Alfred Saliba Family Services Center is one of 12 similar centers across the state that will be affected by this cut in funding of over $1,000,000 state-wide.

A reduction in funding by 29 percent for the center could mean a reduction in the number of services offered to families in the Wiregrass. There are about 25-hundred families who benefit from the various social, educational and financial programs provided at the center.

Anna Reynolds said, "I’ve started Building my education skills; learning how to talk to people; learning how to deal with people; learning how to interview for a job, even how to look presentable to go to a job interview."

"If it weren't for the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center, I would not have been able to get my GED. With the help and Support I received here I plan to go to college," said Pamela Collins.

Approximately 750 families may be unable to receive help from the Saliba Family Center because of the cuts. The center would lose about $114,000 along with the matching funds that come with the money to help improve services.

"It could be up to half a million dollars that it could affect because the state of Alabama and our center would not be able to draw other resources," said Linda Tilly.

Now officials with the center are trying to figure out if there is any other way to get additional funding to continue serving those who use it and others.

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