Hurricane Charley Update

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Governor Perdue has declared a state of emergency in Georgia in preparation for Hurricane Charley.

Perdue declared the state of emergency to prepare for possible damage, flooding and price gouging.

Georgia law prevents prices from being raised on essential goods and services once a state of emergency is declared.

Hurricane Charley hit Florida's west coast this afternoon with 145-mile-per-hour winds and is expected to cross the state and into the Atlantic Ocean before returning to shore around South Carolina.

The National Hurricane Center said that at nine p-m, the storm had maximum sustained winds near 90 miles per hour with higher gusts. Charley is expected to strike the northeast Florida Coast before reaching the Atlantic, where it could regain strength. Rain totaling four to eight inches is expected along Charley's path. A storm surge of four to seven feet was forecast for the Georgia coast.

State officials in Georgia face the possibility of dealing with tens of thousands of evacuees from Florida. In Savannah, officials warned of possible power outages, flooding and roadway debris.

August 13th 8:51 PM