Operation 'Take Back our Highways'

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A daily average of 510 Alabama state troopers trekked more than 340 thousand miles patrolling Alabama’s roads during operation take back our highways last week.

The statewide numbers were staggering and so were the numbers locally.

180 troopers braved record heat logging more than 3 thousand hours in a concentrated effort to save lives and increase safety.

They did just that. The number of casualties was lowered to 26 injuries and zero fatalities.

Troopers in our 8 county southeast district reported 1141 speeding citations, 16 DUI arrests, 48 tailgating citations, 8 improper lane change tickets, and 553 seatbelt violations.

The 'take back our highways' initiative is over, but troopers are still out patrolling the highways in the Wiregrass and state-wide.

The troopers started another state wide initiative Monday the drunk driving, over the limit, under arrest Labor Day DUI patrol.

So as you're driving on Alabama roadways, continue to watch your speed so troopers will never have to knock on your loved one's door.

Drunk driving, over the limit, under arrest is effective today through Labor Day September 3 in the state.

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