Low-Income Homeowners May Be Eligible to Apply Property Rehabilitation Monies

Low-income homeowners in Slocomb are eligible to apply for property rehabilitation monies. The resident pays only a fraction of the total cost to have their home renovated or repaired.

Seventy-five-year-old Juanita Carroll has lived in Slocomb for the last half-century. Over this time, the roof now leaks and there's work that needs to be done in the kitchen.

Mrs. Carroll has applied for state rehabilitation monies. Under the program, Mrs. Carroll would pay only 12-percent of the overall repair cost. "I couldn't afford to do it on my own. The home is falling in, like many homes around here. I don't have the money to fix it and the cost of labor is so high."

The Southeast Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission is working with cities and towns across the Wiregrass.

The home rehabilitation project helps folks who normally would not be able to pay for materials and labor.

David Lebert with the Southeast Alabama Regional Planning and Development said, "Its for folks on fixed income. Their money goes for food and household expenses. They can't afford to make the repairs and that's the beauty of this program."

Long time Slocomb Mayor Vicki Moore says there are a number of old, dilapidated homes in her town of 2300 residents.

The housing rehabilitation project is a godsend. Moore said, "It gives the homeowner the opportunity to fix-up, and do the necessary repairs and that's why it's so great."

Those Slocomb residents who feel they may qualify for the housing rehab project should go by City Hall during normal business hours and apply.

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