Severe Weather Preparation and Safety

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Lowe's and Covenant Hospice are teaming up to help make people more aware of when severe weather occurs in the area.

While Lowe’s has many hurricane supplies on hand, employees say that they usually run out quickly when a storm is threatening our area.

Lowe's Store Manager Chuck Hall says, "It seems like a lot of times, people wait till right down to the wire, and they do too little too late. We find ourselves literally running out of things that are essential."

They are hoping to change that with an upcoming promotional event on Saturday to help make the public more aware of the dangers of hurricanes and how they can be prepared.

Lowe's is also donating 40 weather radios to Covenant Hospice so that patients there will be well informed if severe weather threatens them.

"Having these weather radios in the homes of these patients that are truly bed-bound or have special needs is very, very important and so early notification is key," said Ray Maddox of Covenant Hospice.

Aside from weather radios, Lowe’s will have just about everything everyone needs to be prepared for the storm, from plywood to flashlights, disaster supply kits, and batteries, as well as power generators and even instructions on how to use them.

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