West Nile Virus: Three Human Cases in Alabama

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So far this year, 411 human cases of mosquito borne West Nile Virus have been reported, including 10 deaths.

There have been several human reports of West Nile Virus in Alabama.

There haven't been any in Houston County, but authorities warn residents to take precautions.

During the summer months, the south experiences an increase in its mosquito population.

Mosquitoes prefer to prey on birds, but often times, humans fall prey to the biting insects.

There have been three human cases reported in Alabama. Two of those are recovering and one resulted in death.

Death is usually rare among those who contract the West Mile Virus.

Only 20 percent of infected people experience any symptoms, which resemble the flu, including headache, fever and possibly convulsions.

The West Nile Virus can affect each person differently, causing more harm in those with weak immune systems.

To protect yourself and family members against mosquitoes, wear long sleeves and Deet protection.

Since there have been reported cases in Alabama and Florida so far this year, take precaution.

Protect yourself and if you experience flu like symptoms, see a doctor.

Since such a low percentage of people actually infected with the West Nile Virus ever feel symptoms, health officials estimate the number of people with the virus might have likely exceeded 2000 so far this year.

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