Heat Causing Discomfort Inside School Buses

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While extreme temperatures continue to cause discomfort those who go outside, it is also doing the same people who ride in vehicles without air conditioning; especially school bus drivers and the students that ride with them.

For many of these students, the ride home is not a comfortable one.

"It's hot and I sweat a lot.” said Dothan High School student, Ananca Greer.

A standard school bus is not outfitted with air conditioning, making the inside of a school bus a virtual sauna.

"It gets extremely hot; very hot... they need to put air conditioning on the bus," said Linda Adkins, a school bus driver.

Because there are no immediate plans to outfit buses with air conditioning systems, keeping a bus moving is the only way to get air inside. That’s why bus drivers have to make sure that kids follow the rules so that they can keep moving.

School officials are also taking the initiative to make sure kids stay hydrated throughout the day.

"We're making sure that they're taking breaks periodically, so that they can stay cool and get plenty of fluids in their systems," said Charles Corbitt, the Assistant Principal at Dothan High School.

School transportation officials also say they are in the process of purchasing 32 new buses to replace aging ones. Each of those buses will be designed to be cooler.

"With our windows being tinted on most of the buses except our older buses... and the higher ceiling, it seems to have a better draft as far as air going through the bus," said Larry Allums, the Transportation Director for Dothan City Schools.

But until then, all they can do is hope that the current heat wave will die down sooner rather than later. Until that happens school officials say they will continue advising students to drink plenty of water, and make sure that they are allowed to take advantage of numerous breaks throughout the day, so that they can re-hydrate and try to stay as cool as possible. School officials also say they are keeping concession stands open for students to buy drinks at any time.

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