Local ACT Score Averages

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Houston County Schools and Dothan City Schools have improved on their ACT scores.

ACT data for the state of Alabama was released Wednesday.

Both school systems are higher than the state average.

Dothan City School students faired better on the ACT college entrance exam than the state of Alabama.

The average statewide score on the ACT is 20.3 and Dothan City test takers scored on average, a 20.5.

Last year, Dothan City School students on average scored a 19.9 out of 36. That is six-tenths higher than last year and the third straight year they've improved their score.

Houston County School students scored on average, a 20.5, which is also two-tenths higher than the state average.

Houston County Schools have experienced a five year upward trend.

In 2003, Houston County High School students scored a 20 on average, and this year, they scored a 20.5.

Both school systems performed best on the reading exams and the worst on the mathematics sections.

Georgia and Florida received their ACT scores on Wednesday as well.

Georgia High School seniors improved their scores, but Florida students are scoring worse on the ACT.