Bodies Found

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Four longtime state employees have been fired for their handling of an ex-convict now accused of leading the beating and stabbing attack that killed six people.

Florida Corrections Secretary James Crosby says a probation officer and three supervisors missed two key opportunities last week to put Troy Victorino in jail. Just hours before the murders, Victorino was in the office of his probation officer for his regular check-in.

Crosby says Victorino was allowed to leave, even though he should have been held for violating his probation a week earlier. That was for allegedly punching an acquaintance in the face in a dispute over money.

Paperwork that officials said could have led to his arrest for the probation violation didn't reach a judge until the next day, shortly after the six victims were discovered. Since his release from prison in 2002 on battery and grand theft charges, Victorino has been accused of a battery, a hit-and-run and making harassing phone calls.

Victorino served five years in prison for aggravated battery and grand theft before he was released in October 2002.