Newton Arrest

A Newton man is in jail facing two charges of attempted murder and other charges as well. Newton Police say it was a crime of jealousy.

Charles Leon Davis was arrested on attempted murder charges against his ex-girlfriend and her new friend. He’s also charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

Police say it all started when Davis saw his ex-girlfriend and her new friend driving through town and tried to flag them down. When they wouldn't stop for him he took off after them in his car.

Police say he rammed the truck they were driving three times in three different locations in Newton causing the truck to flip and go into a ditch.

Chief Johnny Williams says it all could have been prevented if Davis had just calmed down and come to his senses.

There were no serious injuries in the incident. Newton Police say Davis has a history of stalking his ex-wife years ago but was never arrested before.