Dothan Violent Crimes Up; Houston County Crimes Down

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The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center released its annual report on crime in the state last Friday.

Violent crime in Dothan has increased a little, while Houston County violent crimes are down across the board.

The Dothan police chief is asking for additional officers to fight crime.

On July 11th, 2006, 57-year-old Joseph Holly allegedly shot and killed 38-year-old James Layton Junior in Layton’s home.

That is one of the nine murders in Dothan in 2006, one more homicide than 2005.

Dothan also saw a slight increase in rapes, robberies and assaults in 2006.

Chief John Powell attributes the increase to city growth with no additional sworn ranks in the police department since 1999.

As for Houston County, the violent crime numbers are down from 2005.

There were no homicides or rapes in 2006, and only four robberies and five assaults.

City and county officials plan on working hard to fight crime so murders like this last July don't take an upward swing.

Overall, crime was down across the state of Alabama three percent according to the report.

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