Soldier Traffic Fatalities Going Down

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The number of soldiers dying in privately owned vehicles, or POVs and motorcycles, are going down.

The Army attributes the decrease to increased awareness.

Last May, a Fort Rucker soldier on a motorcycle collided head on with a car in Ozark.

The soldier died in the accident, and since then, the Army has been working to drive down those accident numbers.

As of July 23rd, the Army reports a total of 90 POV accident fatalities compared to a total of 99 deaths in 2006.

Army officials are attributing the 28 percent reduction to the Army's engaged leadership.

There has been a misconception that most traffic accidents among soldiers occur between ages 18 and 24.

Army officials say that's not the case; they see a full range of crashes from 18 years old to 58 years old.

Officials are trying hard to put the brakes on accidents so this doesn't happen to you.

Last year, the Army experienced a 33 percent increase in motorcycle fatalities with a total of 49 deaths and this year, so far, there have been 29 fatal motorcycle accidents recorded.

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