Extra Patrols on Alabama Roads

A rise in the number of traffic fatalities in Alabama is prompting state officials to launch a campaign against those who break the rules of the road.

Beginning Monday, every available state trooper will be patrolling roads through Alabama, in what is being called operation "Take Back Our Highways".

The Alabama Department of Public Safety is trying to decrease the number of traffic fatalities and increase the number of safe drivers.

State troopers will also be conducting routine license, seatbelt, and DUI checkpoints.

Public Safety Director Colonel Chris Murphy say it is about time a program like this is implemented.

"1208 people lost their lives on the highways last year... and we're trying to do something to get people serious about driving safely," said Colonel Murphy.

The week long initiative begins today.

Colonel Murphy says if it is successful, they'll have it four times a year in the future.

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