Fighting Fire in the Heat

It’s already hot enough outside with temperatures over 100 degrees, but couple that with wearing a suit that, while wearing, can quickly become 140 degrees.

It’s hot outside, that's for sure, but try being outdoors wearing what firefighters wear everyday.

Better yet, try wearing it in a fire.

Medical Services Captain Adrian Thomas said, "Just in a general environment, [it’s] not as hot as it's been the last few days; it gets extremely hot inside that suit. When your face is covered up you got covering throughout all your body, so the more layers you got on the hotter it's getting on the inside."

With putting all this gear on, you can imagine it's going to draw a lot of heat to your body and keep a lot of heat in as well, but these firefighters do it everyday.

They come to the aid of those who are dealing with fires and medical emergencies.

And sometimes, while fighting fires, they have to come to the aid for each other, which is just what happened during one local fire.

"It was getting 1,200-1,300 degrees inside the structure fire, not to mention him having on his suit increasing the temperature inside his body, and he's just draining fluids quickly, which he succumbed to heat exhaustion,” Thomas said. “He was treated on the scene; he was not transported to the hospital. He was treated on the scene with some fluids and oxygen, and has subsequently been doing good ever since."

So, with fighting fires every day, when it comes to saving lives, for these men, the heat wave is only the beginning.

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