New Teacher Mentoring Program in Alabama

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According to Alabama Governor Bob Riley, between 30 and 50 percent of all new teachers leave the profession within the first five years of teaching.

Under a new state program, Alabama’s new teachers will get experienced mentors who will assist them for two years.

Looking over her new students, Kelly Berger is one of two first year teachers at Girard Middle School.

Fresh out of college, Kelly was very nervous about her first day as a teacher.

The state of Alabama is doing more to relieve the first year jitters of teachers like Kelly.

Girard Middle School has always provided mentors to first year educators, but under a new state program, committee approved mentors will be paid and well trained.

State school officials say the purpose of the mentoring program is to keep talented, young, highly professional teachers in the classroom.

That’s what local administrators are hoping for. They feel it’s very important to building a truly great education system in the state.

The new teachers will get their mentors in October.

The education budget signed into law for the fiscal year, which begins October 1st, includes almost $4 million dollars for the program.