School Zones Safety

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School is in full swing for students in Dothan and local law enforcement officers are putting safety first. Starting Thursday, more officers were patrolling school zones to make sure students could get to and from class safely.

Sgt. Tim Ward with the Dothan Police Department said, "This year, the Dothan Police Department is looking at a zero tolerance policy in school zones."

Transportation workers say during the beginning of the school year it’s even more important for drivers to be aware of their surroundings and slow down when in school zones and neighborhoods.

Dothan City Schools Transportation Director Larry Alums said, "At this time of year kids are excited and they get off the bus running. So, it’s important that people look for children all over the roads."

And, bus drivers are hoping drivers will be understanding during the morning and afternoon school traffic.

Dothan City Schools Bus Driver Rosa Linda said, "Be patient with us; this is our job to transport the kids to school as safely as possible and we'll try to get them on and off the bus quickly."

If you choose to speed in school zones, police are determined to make sure you pay for endangering students lives.

Sergeant Ward said, "Citations are more expensive and they count more for points with the state."

Those fines will cost you $200 dollars a piece, which is a price officers hope keep drivers obeying speed limits in Dothan.

The increased patrol officers around school will continue for the next few weeks until drivers become well aware that school is back in session.

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