Florida Student Worker Demand

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The Florida school calendar normally coincides with its neighbors in Georgia and Alabama, but this year, Florida is delaying the start of school.

High school students are an important part of the work force at Gulf World Marine Park during the summer.

Normally, school would get underway this week in Bay and surrounding Panhandle counties, but the state has delayed the start for two weeks to maintain steady employment in the tourist industry.

Ana Kouchk, an Arnold High School senior said, "It would be hard if half the people working here left. You get a little extra money and [it] gives them workers; it's a good thing"

Arnold High School Junior, Cassie Blei said, "You get a little extra money for school clothes and supplies. I believe it's a good thing too."

One employer is in favor with the delayed start of school, which means not having to scramble for workers at the last minute.

Kevin Walsh with Gulf Marine Park said, "We have about 30-percent of our employees in high school. We are happy to see the state delay the start of school going into the Labor Day weekend."

However, it should be pointed out that not all high school students are happy to see a delay in the school year.

Chelsea Baxter, an Arnold High School junior said, “It's extra money, but they work me like a dog. I’ll be happy to see school start again."

School will get underway for most Florida school districts on the week of August 20th.

Next spring, the Florida Legislature is once again expected to look at whether or not to delay the start of the school year.

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