Animal Shelter Audit

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In January of this year, an internal analyst began an audit of the past activities in the Dothan Animal Shelter, and the results indicated a definite need for change.

During the year of 2006, there was a limit with exceptions that said animals were only to be kept at the animal shelter for a maximum of 20 days.

However, some ended up residing in the shelter for over nine months. Facts like this were revealed in the release of the audit of the Dothan Animal Shelter, showing that some issues needed to be addressed.

"I think the animal shelter audit pointed out a lot of things that we need to do a better job on," said City Manager Michael West. “Record keeping, manage and organize the facility better, so I look at it as a positive."

A large problem was missing paperwork on adoptions; a total of 302 adoption papers weren't found.

Included in the audit were figures on the adoption fees that weren't collected, which was a total of $8,140 that would have come to the city. That amount was never even billed, which is activity that warranted some tough decisions to be made.

"We didn't have that information to provide to the general public in the format that it's in now,” said Chief Powell. “And of course, there was a lot of rumor going around, a lot of speculation going around and a lot of finger pointing going around.”

Some animals were reported as euthanized, then either kept in the shelter, or transferred to Save-A-Pet or the Humane Society, and the reluctance to put down an animal could have played a role in the missing paperwork.

"I think a lot of it, if you look at the type of individuals that work in that environment,” said West. “That volunteer in that environment they like animals, they're there because they want to help.”