Chamber Dispute

The Chairman of the Houston County Commission said he'll continue providing financial support for the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce even though a majority of Dothan City Commissioners want to put this year's Chamber appropriation on hold.

The city currently allocates $225,000 to the Chamber each year.

But Commissioners James Redding, John Glanton, Don Clements and Matt Bullard are at odds with the Chamber over it's refusal to support a downtown route for the I-10 Connector.

The same commissioners are also concerned about the Chamber's endorsement of a property tax for education.

Both the city and the county are in the second year of a five-year agreement to help fund the Chamber's industrial recruiting efforts and County Commission Chairman Mark Culver said he intends to honor that commitment.

Culver said Houston County is budgeting more than $135,000 for the Chamber during the next fiscal year.