Enterprise Students Go Back to School

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More than five months after a deadly tornado took the lives of eight Enterprise teenagers, students returned to school on the Enterprise Ozark Community College Campus.

The students were glad to get back in the classroom even though it was a little confusing.

Enterprise High School Principal Rick Rainer motivated students at an assembly. Some listened intently, while others looked over their new schedules.

Then, everyone poured out the gym looking for their homeroom teacher holding up homemade signs before heading to their trailer.

Once in their portable classrooms, the teachers called roll and addressed scheduling issues.

Even though they're holding classes in mobile units, the trailers are well decorated, well lit and cool, but communication was tricky as teachers received announcements through walkie-talkies.

It may be a little difficult, but teachers are giving students time to adjust to the new layout.

The students are also adjusting to returning the first day back without their classmates who lost their lives in the tornado.

They will get through it with the support of the teachers and administration.

The first sevem days back to school for EHS students are power days from 7:55AM through 4:07PM.

Then, when EOCC students go back, EHS will hold classes from 11AM until 4:46PM Monday through Thursday, then, 7:55AM through 4:07PM on Fridays.

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