New Brockton Mobile Home Ban

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If it has wheels, it may not be considered a home in one Wiregrass city. The New Brockton Town Council is looking at prohibiting manufactured homes inside city limits.

With a population of around 1200 residents, New Brockton has no mobile home parks, and less than one-dozen manufactured homes.

This week, city officials discussed prohibiting any additional ones in order to preserve the town's character, but one longtime resident worries that such a rule could hurt low income folks.

R.P. Flowers said, "Home is the place where are character is built. Do what you can, with what you can."

Resident Sheila Smith said, "Some of us are low-income people. If it wasn't for the mobile homes we would be in the projects."

Jessica Truitt is a single mother of two. The family lives in a mobile home and Miss Truitt can't afford a house. "It makes a difficult situation. We don't have the money,” she said. “We do with what we got."

For longtime New Brockton Councilman Johnnie Herron, he plans on studying the proposed ordinance before deciding how he'll vote. "Mobile homes that are abandoned, or left in bad shape; those are the ones that are a sore eye," he said.

Mobile homes already in place would be "grandfathered in" under the proposed ordinance.

Next Tuesday night at 7PM, the New Brockton City Council will hold a public forum on the proposed mobile home ban.

It will take place at City Hall, which is the old National Guard Armory on Highway 84.

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