Disabled Outdoorsmen's Cabin Vandalized

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The Challenged Sportsmen’s Outfitters cabin had visitors of a different breed last week, who stole several items, and vandalized even more, but what makes this a hard pill to swallow are the victims in this crime.

An interesting thing about this burglary/vandalism is it not only victimized a local business owner, but anyone with a disability who hoped to come out and enjoy the great outdoors.

“We do outdoor trips for people with disabilities,” said Founder Keith Jordan. ”We just try to bring people out and show them a good time in the outdoors and show them that they can still participate in recreational activities."

Jordan was paralyzed from the neck down in 2001 in a tornado. Rhe former police officer started Challenged Sportsmen’s Outfitters to help those with similar disabilities enjoy the outdoors, but whoever broke into the cabin wasn't interested in sharing.

"They just made a general mess of the whole place, and anything they did not take, they took a knife to and slashed up furniture and beds and it's just an all around bad situation," Jordan said.

Police say there are several leads to catch the people who lived in the cabin for a few days, defecating in sinks and urinating on several walls and pieces of furniture.

"I’m very confident, we have good leads on three,” said Louisville Chief Michael Saad. “Two of the suspects are in another county and we'll be picking them up this week.”

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