Intense Heat Wave and Electricity

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The oppressive heat and the high demand for electricity set a power generating record for Alabama Power Company on Monday.

At 11AM Wednesday morning, a thermometer in Dothan read 99 degrees.

As the mercury rises, power meters are spinning faster from residents turning up their air conditioners.

Dothan Utilities Director Billy Mayes has been studying the high demand for electricity.

He is expecting there to be a greater demand later this week as temperatures hover around 100 degrees, but he doesn't expect any outages at this current load.

Wiregrass Electric Co-op, who also provides Dothan with electricity, is seeing an all time summer demand because of the heat.

However, they haven't seen any problems as a result of the heat. Their capacity is strong, generation is strong, and they have a firm delivery.

Residents at home can practice energy conservation by turning lights and other unneeded appliances off.

Also, you can save 10 percent on your electric bill by raising your thermostat one degree.

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