Residents Concerned About Safety of Children

Residents in a Coffee County neighborhood fear for the safety of their children.

It all stems from a former police chief facing felony sex charges against children who live across the street from Kinston School.

With school getting underway Wednesday morning, several parents along Pierce Street in Kinston are horrified. Former Town Police Chief, Harold Frost, lives in an apartment within 100-feet of Kinston School.

Although he has not been convicted, last week he was released from jail under a $70,000 dollar bond. He faces rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse charges. The reported victims are two girls under 10-years-old.

Concerned Parent Christy Chancey said, "It makes me sick. He rides the roads without a care in the world. Meanwhile, he has ruined the lives of two little children."

Sheba Thorn, a concerned resident said, "The kids have to come across the street to go to school. This man allegedly sexually abused [them]. He needs to get out of our community. I'm scared for the children here."

When Frost was confronted by the parents’ fears of him living across the street from the school, he had very little to say. "[I have] no comment; you need to talk to my attorney.”

When Frost was asked do you understand the concerns of the parents? He responded, “No comment, you need to talk to my attorney; no comment, thank you."

As part of his bond requirements, Frost has a 6PM to 8AM curfew confined to his apartment. He must also alert court personnel of any change of address.

Frost is currently on administrative leave from the Newton Police Department where he most recently served as a police officer.

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