Carjacking and Attempted Murder in Dothan

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A 62-year-old Dothan business owner was car jacked, then beaten and left for dead in Dothan.

The situation began Monday afternoon when 63-year-old Robert Wimbish was stopped by 17-year-old Cory Devon Green who pointed a gun at his head and demanded to be driven to an area near the 1000 block of Jonathan Street in Southeast Dothan.

The frightening ride came to a close at the Grace Missionary Baptist Church parking lot where police found blood stains and a blood stained 2x4 that the victim had been assaulted with. Luckily enough, the Harris home where he found rescue was just through the trees.

"He looked pretty bad and said he needed help. I told her to call 911,” said Mr. Harris.

His wife took instructions from the 911 operators. “The dispatchers told me to go wet a towel and take it to him and try to keep the blood out of his eyes," she explained.

Officials say Green caused deep wounds on the face and eyes and delivered several fierce blows to the head with a 2x4.

The DA’s Office is going to try Green as an adult despite his age. There is an Alabama statute if someone uses a deadly weapon that could cause serious injury above the age of 16, they can be tried as an adult.

"Those individuals who commit these types of crimes not only should they be punished by the state, but the Lord should punish them as well,” said District Attorney Douglas Valeska. “If you're going to commit these types of crimes the state should put you in prison and you should go to hell for taking and terrorizing someone in this situation. If you can't protect an elderly business owner in this situation then who can you protect?”

Green was picked up by the Dothan Police Department on Tuesday and will soon be transferred to the Houston County Jail.