Lottery Scam

A local man almost falls victim to an internationally known lottery scam.

When Bob Newman received a very suspicious lottery notice from Spain, he knew something wasn't right. He says he doesn't know anybody from Spain.

This Spanish lottery said he'd won almost 800,000 Euro, but he had to keep this award top secret from public notice. And the requests got even stranger from there.

After doing some research, News 4 found the "El Gordo" sweepstakes is actually recognized by the Federal Trade Commission as the newest foreign lottery scam to hit the United States.

If you ever receive notice of winning a lottery from another country, whether its from "El Gordo" or not, the FTC urges you to report it. It is actually a violation of federal law to play in an international lottery.

You can report to the FTC at or call 1-877-FTC-HELP, or you can call Alabama Attorney General Troy King at 1-800-230-9485.

And of course, you should always keep your credit card and bank information to yourself, no matter what the situation.