Dothan Narcotics and Prostitution Bust

Parts of the Dothan Police Department Narcotics Unit went out for a prostitution sting Monday afternoon in the downtown area.

The Dothan Narcotics Division's main focus is to keep drugs off the street, and a major vehicle to support that industry is prostitution.

The sting operation that went on Monday afternoon consisted of an undercover officer in an impounded vehicle communicating with trail vehicles, and once he said the magic word over the hidden communication system, the team went into action.

The first incident involved a man who sent the undercover officer in the direction of a local motel and the direction of 21-year-old Carrie Head. If the age surprises you, don't let it, as the need for drugs drives some to any means to fulfill the addiction regardless of age, as seen in the second arrest made during Monday’s operation of a 52-year-old woman who admitted to using as recently as Sunday. She described her need for drugs as "pretty bad”.

More and more in drug cases you hear of narcotics coming from the Atlanta area. Police say there has been a shift to the region from other sites, especially post Katrina.

Sergeant Governor Jackson with the Dothan Narcotics Unit said, "We try to hit the Atlanta area, most of it and grab everything from Atlanta.”

Police say at any given time there could be as many as 20 prostitutes roaming the downtown area, after money to buy more drugs, funding the source of the problem and feeding back into the cycle.

There is one sad part of this entire situation, competition amongst lower rent hotels in the area put them in a position where activity like this is avoided, but they need as much business as possible to stay afloat.

The Dothan Narcotics Unit enlisted the help of the FBI and Alabama Bureau of Investigation for Monday’s operation.

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