High School Football Teams Working to Tackle the Heat

With the heat index forecast to be in the triple digits all week long and football practices starting up again, many students and coaches are braving the heat and gearing up for the school year.

The heat is definitely prevalent this time of the year, but the coaches and students say they're well prepared.

Extra breaks, more fluids, and sunblock have all been prescribed by the coaches to ensure the safety of the student athletes.

Jimmy Addison, head coach of Houston Academy Football said, "We're just building more breaks in and trying to enforce them taking in fluids and making sure that they understand that they need to stay hydrated even when they're away from here."

In 2006, there were 20 football-related deaths in the U.S. and 19 of them were heat-related.

None of the coaches or students are taking any chances when it comes to staying cool.

The students say they're keeping a positive attitude though, and making sure they make the most out of their preseason training no matter what temperature it is.

Football Player Watson Downs said, "It's been hot, but we had a good practice this morning. Everybody's working hard and we're gonna’ come back out this afternoon and have another good one."

"It's hot out here, but all of us are working through it and working hard so hopefully it'll pay off," said Football Player Brian Vukovich.

With the heat index reaching the lower hundreds these days, it pays to be a little extra careful when you're outside.

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