Jammed Amusement Park

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Officials say an amusement park in south Georgia are promising to be better prepared for big crowds during hot weather.

Nearly 30,000 people packed into Wild Adventures Amusement Park in Valdosta Saturday. The heat index soared above 100 degrees, and several drink machines at the park were broken.

As a result, some people were overcome by the heat. At least a dozen people were taken to the hospital for dehydration; another two dozen were treated inside the park.

Jimmy Holmes is vice president of the park. He says 28,000 people were at the park on Saturday. That's the second-largest crowd the park, which holds 32,000 people, has ever seen.

Holmes says the day was a good learning experience. Park officials are adding more water fountains and installing new drink machines so visitors can get something to drink without waiting in long lines.

Holmes says the park also will add more fans.

On Saturday, the park also opened cooling stations and allowed visitors inside theaters to cool off. Officials also brought in extra people to administer first aid and gave away water and power drinks.